How to write an about me page

The About page is the 2nd most visited page on websites.

Use these tips on how to write an about me page.

Bill at Rock Creek Park, Olympic National Park, WA
Bill at Rock Creek Park, Olympic National Park, WA

People visit you site to find out what you are about. They usually land on your home page. They want to know what products and services you offer and how you can help them. Once they are satisfied that you have a solution to their problem they turn to your About Page to see if they can trust you.

The home page describes a problem people want help with. It describes the solution and proves the solution works. Now offer them more information in exchange for the email contact information. When they leave your opt-in page take them automatically to you About Page.

Your about page shows them you are a real person who want to help them. It builds trust. Your about page should open with a short video of you telling the story of your business. The text should support that video by describing you company values, letting your visitors know what your mission is and how your product or service can solve their problem. Again. give them an opportunity to get tips from you relevant to your audience.

You cannot ask for an email contact too often. Your email list enables you to stay in touch with your visitors and build the know, like and trust relationship that is so vital to online business. Use an autoresponder to build that relationship. Test have shown that unless you are in touch with your list at least once a week they will forget about you. If you provide your list with valuable content they will look forward to receiving your emails even if you send them daily.

The only way you can keep a website producing the results you want is to keep the information on it fresh, entertaining and helpful. Tell stories. Provide helpful information. When you publish a page or a blog post make sure high quality key words are included in the title and the first paragraph. Us video and infographics liberally. Don’t publish anything unless it has a graphic in it. The web is a visual media. Don’t disappoint your audience with a text only post.

Plan to rank every page you publish and every post you make on page 1 of the search engines. You won’t always succeed, but the more ways you have to get people to your website the better.