Promote Your Website

How to Create a Successful Website.

If the search engines cannot find your post you have wasted a lot of time writing it.

A website should not “sell.” Think about how you respond to direct mail. I trash it without even opening it. However, if you receive a greeting card that celebrates your birthday or any significant event in your life you will open it, read it and maybe even save it.

The goal of your website is to build a loyal audience that wants the help you provide them. They look forward to hearing from you and they share your tips with their friends.

You should strive to make some kind of contact with your fans at least weekly. Providing helpful, entertaining, informative posts is vital to building fan loyalty.

Providing quality content people want is key to building a loyal audience.

The 8 Step SEO Checklist for Content


The following discussion is for WordPress users. Much of the information here will apply to other platforms but you will have to figure out how to adapt the information to your platform

If you are using the All-In-Ones SEO Plug the next two items will just require you to fill in the blanks.

  • Add/Change Meta Title
  • Add/Change Meta Description
  • Add/Change Internal Link An internal link is a link to another post on your website which provides more relevant information
  • Add/Change External Link An external link is a link to authority site such as Wikipedia or CNN which provides source information.
  • Add/Change Alt Tags in Images Search engines depend on alt tags to know what an image is about and to be able to index it correctly.
  • Embed YouTube Video Video is a big deal. Goggle owns YouTube so having a YouTube Channel is important. Imbedding your YouTube Videos in your posts not only keeps visitors on your site longer but it gives your site more authority with the search engines.
  • Fetch as Google is how you let Google know you have made a new post. With Fetch you will get your post indexed in minutes rather than days.
  • Google Analytics should be set up so you know in detail how much traffic your site is drawing. Google Seachengine Council (GSC) provides a lot of useful information that will help you improve your website.

A blog lets you add information to your website quicly and easily. It also helps you engage with your fans. IMO, every website should have a blog.

Social Media

Your use of social media is at least as important as your website in building your fan base. Most of your social media posts should link back to your website.

All your blog posts should have a convenient way readers can share your post with their social media friends.

Social Media is a gathering of friends. It is where people get to know you as a person and as a family. Let your friends know what you are doing and what is important to you. If you want to sell a product do it the way you would make a recommendation to a friend. Tell them why you like the product and how it will help them.

Implementing your marketing plan.

Perhaps the only thing we can really depend on in life is change, I’m an advocate for personal, financial and environmental resilience. Being resilient means we can adapt to change.

I look at trends and help people look at various scenarios where change will affect their life. It can be a bit scary but unless we can adapt to change we will be left behind.

Marketing is changing and it is up to us to keep up. A business person may not have time to implement the company’s marketing plan but it is vital that the marketing manager know what is possible.

The components of a good marketing plan


  1. Personal contact: There is a reason politicians get out and talk to people. The way to make loyal friends is to spend time with people you want to be friends with.
  2. Stay in touch: Send personal notes. When you send their kid a birthday card or congratulate her on graduation you are saying, “You are important to me.” and people will remember you.
  3. Your website: Find a way to help people solve their problems. When you help people they will want to help you.
  4. Social Media: Social Media is a way to help people get to know you. Be active but don’t let social media suck your time. How often you should post to social media varies with the platform. Several times a day is appropriate on Twitter whereas a post a day on Facebook is probably optimum. Provided your posts are not spammy you can post as often as you want to YouTube, pInterest, Instagram and other visual hosts.
  5. Email: Email Marketing is still the most efficient way of staying in touch with your fans. You option-in list may be your most important asset. Control it yourself. Don’t let Google control your email. Google will shut your list down arbitrarily and without any recourse.


Life and Business is all about establishing loyal relationships with people. You do it by being a friend. Help people without expecting anything in return.

Stay in touch. Take advantage of every opportunity to do things with your friends and fans, Engage with your fans by asking them how you can help them and participating with them in community work projects, When someone asks a question or makes a comment on your website respond quickly.

Authors call it creating a platform. Bloggers call it their list. Most businesses call it their customers, clients or patients. No matter what you call your fans, make sure they have an interesting, helpful and enjoyable experience when they visit.