Everyone needs to maximize their personal and financial resilience.

Personal resilience means we are prepared for any contingency.  Financial resilience means we have adequate income coming from several sources.  Community resilience requires planning so that all community resources can be brought together to respond to an emergency.  As Emergency Preparedness Committee Chair for the Neighborhood Board, Iʻve learned that Government agencies will not be able to help us in the first week and possibly much longer.  We have to take responsibility for our selves and our neighborhoods.  We have to organize our neighborhoods to be able to respond to any disaster.

Personal resilience and financial resilience are linked because no one who is living pay check to pay check can be truly resilient.

My business is called Hana Like because I help people create strong relationships. When we work together we become more resilient.  Working together, we can change lives and help people live their dreams.

Letʻs get better acquainted.  When I know your interests, your skills and most important your dreams, I will be better able to help.  You are about to step out of your comfort zone.  You need to have a strong “WHY” in order to stay motivated.  My Why is to first pay my bills, second to have the funding I need to produce environmental video documentaries and third to leave a retirement income for my youngest daughter.  Those are pretty strong whys.