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It doesnʻt matter what you business is.  It can be a traditional brick and mortar. It can be an affiliate or MLM program. If you are working with a company you believe in, build that company.  Then use all the tools available to leverage the internet to bring people to your business. People do business with people they know, like and trust.  It is up to you to build that relationship with everyone who visits you business whether they walk in your door or visit you website.

The companies I am affiliated with help me promote my business on line and by direct mail and they pay me for showing others what I do.  

  • A Free Facebook Group of people learning to promote their business on line:
  • Learn to build and promote a WordPress website:
  • Create your own greeting card, not an e-card, and let your friends, colleagues and prospects know you care about them: 
  • Look at a couple of short videos so you know what SendOutCards does then send a couple of free cards and check out Sendcere for the most creative card catalog in the world.   

Help enough other people succeed and your success will follow.

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