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Spent most of the day updating this website.  You see the results.  Visit this site to learn how to grow your business.  We will give you tips on leveraging the internet to build your business or organization.  This is an experimental WordPress website.  We can experiment with widgets, themes and customization before we implement a change on a clientʻs website.  We will also let you know what changes we make so you can try them out on your own website.  For instance, the slide show on the Photo page uses a widget called Meta Slider.  After the slide show is set up, the software gives me a line of short code I can place on any page or in any post to create a slide show exactly where I want it.  When you select a WebPress widget, make sure you select one that has been updated recently.  If it hasnʻt been updated in a year it is probably not being maintained well.


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Forester/Conservationist/Writer, Photo/Videographer, Relationship builder, enjoys Hawaii outdoors. Leverage the internet to build you business or organization. Internet marketing specialist

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