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Goggle is being more transparent than usual about its recent broad core algorithm up grade. Actually Goggle is not telling us what is in the algorithm. Actually they are telling us what is not in the algorithm rather than what is.

What Google is looking for

Search Engine OptimizationGoogle is not targeting low quality websites. Google has always tried to give your the best possible answer in response to your search.

Now Goggle doesn’t tell us how their algorithm works, but what would your look for if your were Google? You would want a quality, in depth answer to your search. A sight owned and operated by a well recognized organization such as the Mayo Clinic, a leading University or well-established non=profit would be recognized as an authority site. For less well known organization(your & Me) your would be looking at how long people stayed on your site and how much they poked around on the site. How often a site was updated would give me a good idea about how current the site was and if people are recommending and commenting on your site it is more likely to be an authority site. Of course, how much traffic your are getting should influence the search engines as well.

Search engines want to known what your website is about. It would be natural for search engines to look for phrases people normally use in their searches. Geeks call those phrases “long tailed keywords.” Search engines also look at headers because headers tell the reader and the search engines what the next portion of the post is about. Use one long tailed key word in your title and the same LKW in the first paragraph of your document.

Observation tells us that the more frequent the posting the higher the ranking. Three quality posting a week will get your a higher ranking than a post a week and a post a month may not get your ranked at all.

Watch Jay’s 7 steps to ranking

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Whether you are looking for a job or building a business everything you do should reflect your brand. In today s gig economy you never know how long a job will last. Advancement usually comes when a new job opportunity is offered. If your current job is dead end and you are no longer getting the experience you need it is time to be looking for new opportunities. Look for creative things you can do to help improve your employer’s bottom line. Make sure your boss knows what you are accomplishing. If you are not moving forward look for a job where you can accept greater responsibilities.

It is all about branding

Your Resume

Your ResumeYour resume is your first introduction to a potential new client or employer. Make sure it is skimable. Your experience and your expertise should stand out. The resume you submit must emphasize how you can help that employer or potential client. A one version fits all doesn’t work anymore.

Your Personal Website​

​Your resume is only the first step in your introduction to a client or employer. A well-designed resume will catch the eye and get further review. The old business letter style resume will go in the trash.

Your personal website is the extension of your brand. Fonts and color schemes must be consistent with your resume. Your website tells your story and reflects your values. It is a place where your potential employer can get to know you as a person.


​Linked in is your opportunity to tell your story and express your values. Showing your recent employment history is important but no one is interested in what you did 10 years ago. Anyone looking at your linked in profile wants to see your story. How did you get where you are today? How does your story relate to the person who is checking you out.

Be sure to fill out your profile completely. Ask your friends and colleagues for endorsements and testimonials.

Social Media

​Social media will seal the deal or destroy your reputation. Make sure your social media posts support your brand. If you are in business check out Yelp and other sites where people can leave their impression of your business.

When you make a post on social media it should reflect your brand. What is important to you? What projects are you working on? What community work are you doing?

Don’t post about the negative stuff in your life. One report on the drunken party you attended can kill your career. Pay close attention to comments. Try to stimulate conversation and respond to any negative comments positively and promptly. Tell your followers what you did to deal with the situation.


Employers are looking for creative people who can work well with a team. The internet show cases your creativity. It is where you build trust and good relationships. Look for ways you can help others. Help enough people solve their problems and you will do well for yourself.

In today s uncertain world, everyone should have a business they can scale up in an emergency. You may love their job and only want to promote your business as a hobby. But, when you need it you have a list of followers who like what you do and you have your products in place ready to sell. You are in a position to scale up your business and use the internet to create the income you need to be financially independent.

It is a new world out there. Be sure you stand out from the crowd.

How to get your post ranked

Jay has done it again. His training is the best. No upsell except membership in the best internet marketing training on the internet. 

Learn to build your WP web site for free. 

Jay covers writing content, list based content, internal links, Fetch as Google, leveraging WA to get comments, use the AMP plugin, use Bing webmaster tools and use the 100/100 keyword rule.

seo online training – Topic Clusters

As search engine algorithms mature how to write blogs and how we use keywords for search engine optimizations must change to reflect what the search engines are looking for.

The new search engine algorithms are trying to group content that have similar content. The more we can help search engines find topic clusters the better our post/page will rank. We can do that by outlining our website. The process of outlining automatically groups similar topics. Each post/page must use a primary key word in the title and in the first paragraph of the article. For each topic the key words used should be grouped and that group should be used in all the posts/pages.

At the end of the article all the posts/pages with similar topics should be linked this will help guide the reader and the search engine through our site.

Topic clustering is become a key element in search engine ranking. Do not ignore it. Topic clustering will not only help search engines index your site properly it will help you visitors navigate you website. Don’t leave you visitors guessing at what to look at next. Give them a guide book. Click on the button belowTopic Clustering

Click here for a review of Jaaxy, the best and fastest key word research tool I have found.

King Tides

King Tides, the highest high tides of the year, are fast approaching and we need your help in documenting these high water level events! Please view the tide prediction tables at the project webpage to identify what time and where high tide occurs on May 25-27, June 23-26, and July 21-23. Detailed instructions on how to submit your photos using the free Smartphone App and online database are available at the project webpage and in the attached pdf. We hope to expand our photo survey coverage of more shorelines across all islands – view the project web map to see where we do and do not have photo records.

Documenting high water levels will be especially important this summer in Hawai’i because Hawai’i is experiencing an elevated sea level stand. The elevated water levels are attributed to an unusual combination of ocean eddies with high centers, Pacific-wide climate and sea level variability associated with recent El Niño events and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, and sea-level rise from human-induced global warming. These unusually high water levels will likely enhance extreme high tides in Hawai’i during the King Tides this May-July. April 28th saw the highest recorded tide level at the Honolulu Harbor tide gauge (outside of a tsunami or storm event), 11 inches (0.9 ft.) above the predicted tide. May, June, and July could possibly exceed that recorded level and have impacts along the coastline, particularly if combined with any swell. 

For the upcoming May King Tide, the University of Hawai‘i Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System’s, PacIOOS, “Shoreline Impact” models forecast both south shore beach flooding from wave run-up and harbor flooding for Hilo, Kawaihae, Kahului, and Honolulu Harbors. 

Help us photograph the coastlines so that we can better understand impacts from King Tides and sea-level rise. 

Questions? Contact,


University of Hawai’i Sea Grant College Program

Center for Coastal and Climate Science and Resilience

Hawai’i and Pacific Islands King Tides Project



Futurists predict the future. Nah… Really… Futurists use statistics, trends, and other sophisticated techniques but most futurists resist predictions. Predictions are just too unpredictable.

Futurists shape the future.

Not what we want

Not what we want

Futurists help people define what they want to accomplish. Then they reverse engineer the steps that must be taken to achieve their desired outcome. Rather than trying to predict the future, futurists try to shape the future.

Recently, in a college graduation speech, Bill Gates made his own prediction

If I were starting out today and looking for the same kind of opportunity to make a big impact in the world, I would consider three fields.

One is artificial intelligence. We have only begun to tap into all the ways it will make people’s lives more productive and creative.

The second is energy because making it clean, affordable and reliable will be essential for fighting poverty and climate change.

The third is biosciences, which are ripe with opportunities to help people live longer, healthier lives.

Of course, these college graduates needed to hear that advice a few years earlier.

Change is here

We don’t have to look into the future to know that change is upon us. Long-term jobs are harder to find. Most of us are hired to complete a project and are let go when the project is finished. We can no longer depend on a job for a sustainable, recurring income. If you haven’t established yourself as an expert in your field by the time you are 35 you will be competing with 22-year-olds and your chances of further advancement are nil.

We need to take a tool from the Futurist’s Tool Box. Know what you want to accomplish in life and plan the steps you have to take to accomplish your goals.

Manage your life

Manage your life and your career as if it is your business because it is. If you drift through life you are letting someone else control you. Make sure your job is always moving you forward towards your goals. Sure you have to accomplish the tasks assigned to your job, but if you are not learning from your job experience you need to talk to your boss about the next step you can take in the company. If you don’t get a satisfactory answer start looking for another job that will help you move forward.

Remember, your first 10 years on the job will determine your future. If you get good promotions during your first 10 years you will probably continue to move up in the company. If not, you are stuck.

When you are stuck

If you are stuck you have two choices to help you move forward towards your goals. Take short term or part time jobs that give you good experience or start a side gig while you keep your present job. IMO, your best choice is a side gig you can develop working part time while you keep your job. When your side gig income equals you job income you will have established your financial independence. You will be able to do what you want.

Internet marketing

For most people, I believe internet marketing provides the best business model because:

  1. you can work from anywhere you have a phone and in internet connection.
  2. startup costs are low. All you need is a computer, a mobile phone, and some software.
  3. You don’t need inventory or employees
  4. The business is infinitely scalable with unlimited income.
  5. Anyone can create an internet business. You don’t have to be a computer scientist to succeed. You do have to learn some basic computer and marketing skills.

You can hire the set up done and it will be expensive. Not as expensive as a franchise, but hiring a webmaster who understands internet marketing will probably cost around $10K with a probably monthly maintenance cost of $1K. That is still a low-cost startup.

The better approach to a startup is Do-It-Yourself (DIY) You will learn what is required to start a successful online business and you will be better able to supervise any outsourcing you choose to do.

Finding you niche

The first thing you need to do is decide what you want to promote. That will depend on your interests, expertise, and purpose. If the niche you pick promotes your purpose you will feel fulfilled. If you are interested in your niche you will enjoy sharing what you know with others, and if you have expertise in your niche it will make your research easier. Don’t get hung up on choosing what you want to promote. Just make sure it is something that interests you and it is marketable.

Learning your trade

Lifetime Learning

Lifetime Learning

I recommend you go to Wealthy Affiliates and take their first lesson. The lesson is free. When you finish you will have published your first website and will know the fundamentals of how to promote it. Wealthy Affiliates Premium costs $49/month and provides the best Internet Marketing (IM) training and support on the internet.

Building your list

Once your website has been published you will need an opt-in list and an autoresponder. IMO, Wealthy Affiliates (WA) does not emphasize the importance of your opt-in list enough. However, good training and support are available from most bulk mail servers.

You don’t need to worry about your opt-in list until your website starts drawing customers.

Getting traffic to your website

A successful website generates repeat visitors. They come back to your site because you provide fresh content that helps them solve a problem. Once your site is set up you will need to spend 5-10 hours a week providing new content. Never make this a full-time job. You want time for yourself, for your family and for whatever other interest you want to pursue.


Know what you want to accomplish in life. People who live with purpose live longer, better lives.

Surround yourself with people who have accomplished what you want to accomplish in life. Find a mentor who has accomplished things similar to your goals.

Choose your niche and make it as focused as possible.

Share your niche with others and build a list of people who share your interest. Make those people your raving fans.

Bookmark this site and come back often. Our goal is to help you create a sustainable, recurring income so you can live your life your way.

Stay in touch

Go to our contact page and let us know your goals and how we can help you. Subscribe to our newsletter. We publish weekly and it is filled with articles from Hawaii and around the world that we find interesting. The world of work, Our environment and anything impacting our quality of life.

[author] [author_image timthumb=’on’][/author_image] [author_info]Bill is an internet marketer who specializes in helping IM startups create and expand their businesses. He is a professional forester and lifelong conservationist. Find out more at[/author_info] [/author]

AI-The great job disrupter.

Artificial intelligence will soon be a major job disruptor.

As a pilot project, Google has just opened a store in Seattle that has no cash registers. You walk into the store, pick out what you want, and walk out. Google knows who you are and what you bought and bills you accordingly. Think what that will do to the three and a half million cashiers in this country. Google expects to have their technology deployed in all major retail chains within the next ten years.

When I read this article I had to think, if Google can read my credit card how secure is that card. Just a little internet research shows your card may not be as secure as you would like. Click here to find out more. 

Why do you need a mentor?

What is a mentor and why do you need one?

 First, a Mentor supports what you are doing. Your mentor is positive. S/he is someone you can brainstorm with and who can suggest ways you can improve. 

Mentors keep you accountable. Click here to read more.

Your most important business asset

If you plan to use the internet to create a business you need these tools:

  • a website
  • an email list of people who are interested in you, your services and your products.
  • an autoresponder to automate the messages you would otherwise have to send you new members manually.
  • A video channel where you can make training and product review videos available.

Internet marketing is simple.

Unlimited income with the internet

Unlimited income with the internet

It can be reduced to a step-by-step process. Wealthy Affiliates breaks Internet Marketing (IM) into easy to follow steps. If you can follow instruction, you can make money on the internet. Start for free, set up your website and discover the basics of promoting your site.

Typically people visit your site and never come back.  You have seconds to establish a connection and get their contact information.  The best way to do that is to offer your visitor something they want free.  They give you their email and you send them their gift.

Actually, it is not quite that simple.  When your visitor gives you their email, your bulk email provider enters that email into you opt-in list.  The autoresponder sends them their gift and then follows up to start building a relationship with that visitor.  You send occasional email blasts to your list to continue building that trusting relationship with your list. Email marketing to a list of people who are interested in your products and services makes your email opt-in list one of the most valuable assets your business or organization has.

Provided of course, you email is delivered.

If you are using a bulk mail service, you need to know Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft and Google block e-mail delivery from autoresponders. 

The solution is to get a domain and use your hosts mail servicing option to get your custom email address. If you are hosting with Wealthy Affiliate you can set up custom email in a couple of clicks. is more professional than a gmail account and you will not have a problem having autoresponder emails delivered.

I received this warning from my bulk mail service. I use and recommend SendLane because they have the most comprehensive set of tools I have found and because all the tools are included in one low price. I can send unlimited unlimited emails and I have unlimited use of their autoresponder. Cost is based on number of contacts in your list and they have an excellent affiliate program.

Internet Marketing is always changing

One of the things I find fascinating about Internet Marketing is always growing.  You have to be constantly studying your market to stay #1. Most small business people don’t have time to maintain their site. Most don’t even know what traffic their website is getting. 

You can manage you own website, you can hire someone to do it for you, or you can outsource to someone like me to manage your site. Just make sure you know enough about your website to know you are getting your money’s worth.  Be sure to track every marketing campaign and know your ROI.

10 Power words to make you #1

Keep-Moving-ForwardYou might Discover the #1 trusted way to grow the best business. It is simple, easy and the reason you can create unlimited income with less work.

Discover 10 words that can help you become a better marketer:

  1. best: Give it your best. It is what people want.
  2. Easy: KISS
  3. Simple: better than complex
  4. Unlimited: Reach for the sky.
  5. Reason: Why you need this
  6. #1: Be #1 
  7. Less: less is more
  8. Trusted: People have to know you can be trusted.
  9. Grow: Grow you income; grow your life.
  10. Discover: Discover how to grow.
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