Man at computerYou have written your book, produced your video or created some other masterpiece. Now it’s time to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Wrong! Your work is just starting. You must know how to get people to see, want and buy your masterpiece. It’s called marketing.

As tough as it is to produce a masterpiece, the toughest job of all is to get your product seen by the world.

Tips on how to share your message:

1. Fundraising;

Effective marketing costs money. The sooner you can monetize your project the better. And yes, you can fund raise for a completed project. In fact, it may be easier to fund raise for a completed project than for a concept because the grantor knows you have a product in hand.

2. Contact Lists;

You may have heard “the money is in the list.” It’s true. When you have a list of people who are interested in what you do and who want to hear from you,, they will trust you to provide a quality product and will buy from you when you have a new product launch. How do you create a large list? By providing people information they want and need. They will provide you their email address in order to get your information. And, if you don’t provide them interesting and relevant information they will leave your list. The larger your list and the more often you can have a quality product launch the larger your income.

3. Website;

Your tool to reach out to the world is your website. Your website contains your message. Your problem is to get your message seen by the world. Like your masterpiece, your website remains invisible until you promote it. Think of your masterpiece is a product. Your job is to convince your customer that they need, want and must buy your product. You do that by providing your visitors with information they need. When people regularly get quality, interesting information, they will learn to know, like and trust you.

When you have created that relationship of KLT you will have not only a customer but a friend for life. Those friends will buy from you when you recommend something they value. Cherish that trust by always providing more value than your customer expects. Strive to involve your visitors in your mission. A blog must be a vital part of your website, because that is where you can most easily provide fresh content and ask people their opinions.

4. Social Media;

This is your most effective low budget marketing tool. It trumps all other kinds of advertising, because you can track what is working on a real-time basis. When a campaign works, scale it up. When you have a profitable campaigns, continue to tweek and test until you find something that works better. Keep the best and keep testing.

You need to post to your social media often. Make sure your posts are relevant and helpful. Keep people informed about what you’re doing and provide them helpful information. If your content is nothing but infomercials, your followers will leave in droves. A good rule of thumb is one sales pitch in every five posts.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines scan your site to determine how to index and rank it. You have to tell the search engines what your site is about. You do that for each page and for each post by including keyword phrases in the title, the first paragraph in the last paragraph. There are many ways to optimize your website, but what the search engines always look for is fresh, relevant, high quality content.

They also look at how visitors use your site. The longer visiyors stay on a site, the higher it will rank. Infographics, photos and particularly video will attract visitors attention and hold them on your site longer. The Internet is a visual media. Make sure your content always includes plenty of graphics. Then be sure to tell the search engines what your graphics are about. That’s when metadata becomes critical to your ranking.

6. Tools to Promote Your Site

Internet marketers need tools to promote their website.  An option-in contact list is essentional. It should be integrated with an autoresponder that can immediately respond with a series of email providing the new person with all the information you want them to have.  A regular webinar will allow you to talk to the people on your list and permit them to get to know you.  Video emails are powerful because they let people see you as the person you are.  All these too and more are available for $30/month.  That is an amazing value when you consider that anyone of the tools when purchased individually would cost more than $50/mo.  Pure Leverage can save you hundreds of dollars monthly.


In the Internet age, no business or organization can afford to ignore Internet marketing. People who have computers and smart phones use them to research where they are going to buy. They also have the money to be able to buy what they’re looking for, and they’re ready to buy when they find the product they want at a competitive price.

Self-publishing is becoming the way of the future. People may go to a brick-and-mortar store to make their purchase, but they’ll decide where to buy what they want after doing Internet research. The Internet an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs like you and I. We can make a fortune selling our own products and by selling other people’s products. There’s more profit in selling our own products, but, you may be able to make money faster by joining affiliates and selling another company’s products while you are developing your own.

I live by the principal that I help where I can and if I cannot help I tried very hard not to hurt. There are many scams on the Internet. Many are cleverly designed as legitimate business opportunities. Often you can’t tell if you’re involved in a scam until you’ve been working the business for a while. I never promote anything unless I have used it and know it is a quality product.

You can find companies selling almost everything on line.  I’m not interested in soaps, potents or lotions. Find something you can promote you are passionate about.  I choose to help others create strong and lasting relationships. After all, our life is enriched by our friends. If I can help you make new friends and make a good income while doing it, that is what I want to do.

About Bill: Bill is a forest/conservationist who believes everyone should build resilience into the lives.