Create your evergreen income.

Everyone should strive to maximize their resilience. What is the definition of a resilient person?

Resilience requires three things:

  1. Knowledge
  2. preparation
  3. an evergreen income

We need to know how to be able to take advantage of opportunities in our chosen field, and we need to know what to do in an emergency to protect our family. The key to personal and family resilience is an evergreen income one can depend on.

A medical emergency cannot only stop our income; it can easily cost a quarter of a million dollars. For most people, even replacing a set of tires requires them to go into debt.

What is the best way for you to create your financial freedom?

The fastest way to financial resilience is through a website designed to create an evergreen income.

Your Internet Business

There are many websites whose purpose is to promote a business or organization, but we are talking about creating your Internet-based business. Creating an Internet business means you can work from wherever you have an Internet connection. It also means you can choose when you want to work and it means you will get paid into the future for the work you do today. For me, those are more than enough reasons for me to build my Internet business. How about you?

This website provides free tips on what you can do to create your financial resilience. It also creates my evergreen income. I promote affiliate programs that provide me recurring commissions. I find and sell high demand products with great evergreen rankings. Evergreen products will never be out of dated. And finally, this site attracts clients who want my help to expand their business or organization. Everything I do is designed to create recurring income.

Set your website goals.

It’s important to have clear goals for your website. Most people set a goal to make a certain amount of money within a certain time. The problem with that kind of goal is that you cannot control it. You can only control what you do to create that income. For instance these are goals you can control:

  • I will create three new pages or posts a week.
  • I will spend a half hour a day posting to social media.
  • I will spend an hour a day studying how to be a more effective Internet marketer.
  • I will talk to five people a week about my business and invite them to join me.
  • One aspect of setting the money goal that is worthwhile is to ask yourself how much additional money you need to be able to pay down your debt. Then ask yourself how much money you need to earn to be able to live your dreams.

Finally, ask yourself how much time you’re willing to invest to achieve your goals.

Avoid distraction.

Stay focused on your goal. Avoid distraction. To many people who try to start an Internet business jump from one thing to another. Don’t get suckered by the next best opportunity. When you find a company to work with those products you are proud to sell, never leave it. I believe multiple sources of income are necessary to ensure financial resilience, but stay focused on what you’re doing until it is producing a solid profit. You will know when your business has gained the momentum necessary to grow on its own. Only then should you consider developing another income source.

Three ways to create income

As I mentioned earlier, my website creates three different types of income. These are:

  1. Promoting multilevel marketing companies I am working with;
  2. Promoting products I can sell for other people; and
  3. helping local businesses and organizations leverage the Internet to expand.

Local Marketing

This is a more traditional business. It involves my providing services to local clients. I help local businesses leverage the Internet to expand their business or organization. I develop and promote websites for traditional brick-and-mortar businesses. Most of those businesses are local simply because business owners usually want to work directly with me. Of course, the Internet makes it possible to develop and maintain websites anywhere in the world.

I approach my website development and promotion in two ways. First I want to teach my clients how to do it themselves, but when they don’t have time I will contract with them to do it for them. I feel that by teaching them how to promote their own website, they will know what to look for in a contractor when they want to out source their maintenance. I’m very reluctant to develop a website unless a maintenance and promotion contract is included in the deal. Maintenance and promotion creates traffic and provides the residual income I am looking for.

I want my clients to understand that a website that is not promoted is a waste of everyone’s time and money, and if they’re going to have a website, they must commit to maintaining it. The exception is a business that simply wants to show a prospective customer they have a website. The maintenance fee is what provides me and Evergreen income

When working with your local market, you need to have a strong visual brand. Create a logo that represents your business. You need a portfolio of websites that will prove to prospective clients you have the know-how to do the job. your own website provides important proof, but to expand your portfolio you may need to do a few free gigs for local nonprofits you support.

You will need to be able to set realistic pricing when bidding a local project. Estimate a project cost based on an hourly rate of at least $50 an hour. Estimate the time required to complete a project, add 20% for contingencies.  Give a firm bid based on your hourly costs and expenses. be sure to break down your bid into realistic steps and put a price on each step. This will let your client know what to expect, and you will be able to get paid incrementally as the project progresses. Half the project cost upfront is a common industry practice. Be sure your contract states that in the event the contract is canceled, you will be paid for work done.

Be professional but don’t overdo it. In Hawaii, a conservative aloha shirt and slacks are acceptable. On the mainland, a suit and tie may be necessary. It’s best to conform to the business attire of the local culture.

Be organized. Block out the time on your calendar when you will work on your business. Have a dedicated office space even if it is only a corner of an existing room. Keep it neat. Go as paperless as possible. Outsource the busywork so you can concentrate on accomplishing your goals

Affiliate Marketing

Promoting multilevel marketing programs has the most income potential because I get paid a commission based on the production of my sales team. I recommend three multilevel marketing programs:

  1. SendOutCards is a convenient way to express my appreciation to my friends and clients. I use the company’s software to create a card with my pictures and my message. The company prints and mails the card for me.
  2. GVO/Pure Leverage provides me the tools I need to market on the Internet and provides excellent training on how to use those tools.
  3. Wealthy affiliates provides some of the best Internet marketing training to be found on the Internet and at $30 a month is a must-have for anyone who is marketing on the Internet.

As you can tell, these programs are very complementary. SendOutCards helps me create relationships and maintain friendships. The other two programs provide me the tools and training to help me help my clients become more effective as Internet marketers.

Quality content written for both your reader and for search engine spiders is key to opening page 1. Content must provide your reader with valuable information that will help them solve their problems. Several things influence how search engines rank posts. One is visitor behavior. The longer a visitor stays on your site and the more often they come back determines ranking. The other important factor is how well the search engines understand the purpose of your post. Keywords Incorporated smoothly and logically into your text help search engines understand an index your pages.

When you determine the subject you want to write about, do your keyword research. Then write your article using the best keywords you can find. Incorporate your core keyword into the title and into the first and last paragraphs of your post. Using a key word in each of those locations is fine Using the same key word multiple times through your post will get your site downgraded as a spammer.

Keep your posts around 500 words +/- 200. The Internet is a visual media. Use lots of photos, infographics in video. Search engines love video because video holds your visitor on your site longer. Keep your videos under three minutes unless the video is a feature of your page. Be sure to add metadata to all of your graphics so the search engines will know how to index them. Learn to resize your images so they will load quickly

Search engine optimization is vital to the success of your website, but the subject deserves a book of its own. There is too much to cover in this short manual. Wealthy affiliates is one of the best sources of training and for help I have found. Check WA out*******. The first class is free and when you have completed it you will have a WordPress website and you’ll know the basics of promoting your site.

Always remember that your website is a sales funnel. Draw visitors to your website, help them and make them your friends before you try to do business with them. People only do business with people they know, like and trust. People will be turned off by a pushy website that tries to sell them before that relationship is established.

Search engines do not like pages with multiple links to affiliate sites. Instead, create a section of your website for product reviews. Write a review of each of the companies and products you want to promote. Then, create a summary page where each product has a brief description.  Link that description to the product review and in the review provide the affiliate link.

Study Internet marketing and become an expert. There is no better source of information and help than Wealthy Affiliates. Make sure your site is unique. Don’t cut and paste from other sites. Search engines hate plagiarism in may refuse two even index your site if it thinks you’re stealing your copy. Look for ways you can create Evergreen sales pages. Know your audience and mold your sales funnel to them. A website selling to pre-teens will be far different than a website designed to attract seniors.

Use tracking IDs. Make sure you can see how each change affects your visitors and more important your sales. It’s good practice to create a spreadsheet which will document each campaign, it’s tracking ID and the key stats for that campaign. Do I even need to say that you most know your product. I do not promote any product that I have not used. I usually take a considerable amount of time to evaluate a product and make sure it will truly help people.

It’s important to track your links, your opt – ins and your funnels. Track everything. There are several ways you can do this. Use the tracking IDs provided by your affiliate programs.  Google analytics is a good tool to track your campaigns. When you know what works and what works better, you can tweak your campaigns and scale up the ones that work best.

The first step is to find your niche.  Write down what you like to do and what you hate to do. Find your passion and you have found your niche.

Now the big step.  Create your website.  Go here to get started.

Donʻt wait for perfection.  Create your site and build it out over time.  Donʻt worry about monetizing your site yet.  Build a site to create relationships and build your opt-in list.