There are many ways to use the internet to make money.

Man at computerAny business, organization or scam can reach out to the world using the internet. Because you will find the good, the bad and the ugly when you look to the internet for opportunities this section of this website is dedicated to helping you find the good and avoid the bad and the ugly.  It reflects my opinion based on my experience and my internet research.  You are welcome to help me add to these reviews. Submit your comments.

I recommend products I use and know have value. Many of the products I recommend pay me commissions, so know that I have a vested interest in products I recommend.

The Good – Business opportunities I recommend.

I look for quality products, competitively priced. I don’t want to compete with the local big box store, so products I recommend cannot be purchased in local stores. I do not recommend pills, potions or lotions. I avoid compensation plans that depend on expensive back end sales to create income, and I do not want to have to stock product.

SendOutCards – A business devoted to building relationships. Create you own greeting card with your pictures and your message. Stay in touch with your friends. SOC has a couple of problems.  You have to buy $30 worth of cards a month to remain an active distributor.  You must use or loose the cards you buy within a year of buying them.  The cost of participating in the program $30/mo plus the cost of postage.  If you cannot afford to send a card a day, do not join this program.  You can buy cards at retail and send them as you need to.  SOC makes sending thank you notes and Christmas cards one click easy.  It is a good program if you are able to send a card a day and follow up to see if the recipient wants to do what you do.

Creating SOC cards from your own photos is fun and easy.

Wealthy Affiliates – A free website and some of the best affiliate marketing training on the internet. Take the first course for free.  When you finish you will have created your first WordPress website and more important will understand the fundamentals of promoting it.  The best affiliate marketing training on the web. If you want to use the internet to make money, check this one out.

Jaaxy – The easiest way to find high-quality keywords.  Jaaxy is hands down the best and fastest way to find keywords for your content. Donʻt write for the internet without knowing what keyword you want your article to focus on. Use you keyword in your title and in your first paragraph.

The Bad – Legitimate business opportunities I do not recommend

I avoid pills, potions and lotins because as MLMs their products have lots of competition and are generally overpriced.  If someone tells you to “stock your store,” look out. Front end loading will only enrich the unscrupulous up-line that is promoting it.  This does not mean that companies like Amway, Avon or Mary Kaye are “bad” companies.  They have high quality products; they are ethical companies, and new comers who work hard can still make money working with them.  However, “gurus” often manipulate the compensation plans to leave you with a garage full of products you cannot sell.

Talk Fusion because they emphasize recruiting over using the product and because they promote high cost marketing tools, purchased lists and big back end sales.

The Ugly.  These are opportunities that use black hat, unethical, marketing methods or are clearly pyramid or ponzi schemes.

You can make money in these programs if you start them or get in early, but there is a high probability that the people you recruit will loose their money.  Also, the IRS will come after any profits you make from a company they determine to be a fraud.

Easiest 5rr Cash: They sell a training program that will teach you how to set up a profitable Fiverr offer.  The cost is ~$9.  This is the front end sale which is followed immediately by an ~$12 upsell offering to teach you the “Diamond Selling Techniques” that can triple your profits.  What they offer is a black hat technique to create a “buzz” around your Fiverr offer.  The initial sale may be worth the price if you know nothing about Fiverr; however, Fiverr will give you better training for free.  I asked for my money back on the second sale and I will not have anything further to do with what I consider an unethical company. 4/11/15