Create recurring income

Financial Resilience

Everything in life hinges on our ability to pay the bills.  Without money, we can have no financial resilience.  When you live pay check to pay check there is nothing left to deal with an emergency,

Most people shrink their dreams to fit within their income.

Instead, dream big and figure out how you can achieve your dreams.

Hana Like takes its responsibility to help you live your dreams very seriously.  How can we help you achieve your dreams?  By helping you create a business you own and control.

Create a recurring income

The key to creating financial resilience is to create a recurring income.  Most people work and save for 40 years to be able to retire.  It is called a pension.

I think their is a better way.  By leveraging the internet, we reach out to the world with our business opportunity.  The more people we help, the better we do.

Our responsibility is to help you find companies you can affiliate with and be confident you can use their products and our leadership to create you recurring income.

Have a plan.  Work your plan, and fulfill you dreams.

Get Started

What is your next step? Start learning to leverage the internet to build your committed team.  There are many good business opportunities on the internet, and there are even more scams. Learn to know the difference.  A mistake can cost you thousands of dollars.  I know, because I have made lots of mistakes.  The businesses I recommend I am affiliated with.  I use them, promote them and believe they provide unlimited opportunity to create recurring income.  I also review businesses I do not recommend.  In both cases I try to explain my recommendation.

I recommend businesses that are well established, have quality products that are competitively priced and have a fair compensation plan that can create recurring income.  The business must be one that can be developed working part time and should have a low entry cost.  I avoid companies with products I don’t trust, companies that promote recruiting over acquiring customers and companies that promote programs with expensive up sells of questionable value.

Recommended Businesses

These companies are ones I am currently working with and proudly recommend.

Companies providing internet marketing training and internet marketing tools.

Wealthy Affiliates:

This is a website that provides outstanding training and support. There is no cost to join and their first class is free. When you complete the class you will have a self hosted WordPress website and you will know the fundamentals of promoting it. When you have questions members will provide you answers in minutes. If you like Wealthy Affiliates and want to continue to learn and grow become a premium member for less than $50 per month.

Find out more.

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