Why should you bother developing a business plan? Simple! Without a plan you cannot know where you are going. Worse, your team won't know either. When you don't have written policies and clear goals chaos results.

This is how to prepare a business plan.

.Actually, it is my approach to life planning. Written goals help you know where you want to go. Objectives break those goals down into actionable steps and strategies define how you will accomplish those objectives.

You can have individual plans for different areas of you life; i.e. faith, family, personal, business/work, and you can even use the same technique for individual projects at work.When you bring them all together you have a life plan. Then you have to look at the whole stew and set priorities. Once you have your priorities straight, You can develop your life plan and the business plan that will guide you career or that you can take to the bank. The life plan may not be the business plan you use to raise money. You have to slant the specific plan to the purpose for which it will be used.

You start by defining your values and writing a mission statement that is consistent with your values.

So over all your planning looks like this


What do you want to accomplish in the next year, in the next five years. For instance, I want my business to be creating $2000 per month income by the end of 2018 and a six figure income by 2020.

Mission statement:

I help people create personal and financial resilience in their lives.


Develop kumuwaiwai.com as a personal change website attracting 1000 visitors a month.


  1. Setup an optin mailing list for visitors interested in learning more

  2. Setup an optin mailing list for visitors interested in learning more 2/15

  3. Create a give-away document describing the personal change process needed to achieve ones goals. 3/15

  4. Incorporate trip wires throughout my kumuwaiwai website that will be a CTA to subscribe to my mailing list. 4/
  5. 1

  6. Create the architectural site map for the website by Feb 28


Use Coggle to develop a sitemap mastermind.
Create a Google Sitemap and submit to Google, Bing and Yahoo
Announce the availablity of the give away on social media
Create CTA on all blog posts and selected website pages.
Blog weekly
Create a monthly newsletter email with links to blog posts
Send the newletter to my mailing list and announce it on social media.


The plan is where you get into the details. Development of the plan is based on your Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives. The plan describes how you will implement your strategies and what it will cost. You can implement a plan you can take to the bank or to a foundation when you are looking for money. Or you may develop a plan to help you navigate your river of life. You will probably need both. The latter is you map to running and growing your business. You will be referring to it at least monthly.

One thing to keep in mind is life is Chaotic. You have to go with the flow, but your plan will tell you when you can drift and when you must paddle.