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Reaching out to the world
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The Internet literately gives you the ability to share your message with the world. It is a valuable tool for building any business or organization. From the standpoint of anyone who wants to start a business, you can work from anywhere you have an Internet connection and a telephone. Business startup costs are low, and you can work your business on your own time schedule.

A website gives a business or organization credibility.

Computer users are the customers you want to reach. They have discretionary money, and they are looking for the information you have to share. Most people with a computer or a smart phone will research the Internet for the help you can give them. When they are convinced you can help them, they will be ready to buy.

A Website that is not maintained is probably worse than none at all.

Use the information provided on the website is old I will think C website is outdated and of little value. Perhaps even worse if you’re using an old version of WordPress or of a plug-in your site could become a victim of a hacker.
A blog helps you easily interact with your audience. It is easy to use your blog to provide fresh content and the search engines look at each new blog post as a new page.

A website that doesn’t rank on page 1 of the search engines is a waste of everyone’s time and money.

Search engines look at visitor behavior to determine how to rank your site. Search engines rank your site based on traffic you get, based on how long your visitors stay on your site and how often they come back to your site.

Obviously, you need fresh, interesting and helpful content to attract and keep visitors.

Keywords help searchers find site.

Keywords are the phrases that people use to search for information. Keywords can be several words long. Keywords must be relevant to your niche, they must be searched on at least 50 times a week and they should have low competition. A good keyword will be used by less than 500 other sites worldwide.

Fresh content that helps people solve their problems and brings people back to your site.

Your website needs to be updated with either a new post or a new page at least once a week. Be sure your content is relevant to your niche.  Place a keyword in your title and in your first paragraph.

Use pictures and video.

Most of your visitors are not readers. They will be attracted to your page by photos and infographics. As a rule of thumb, provide one picture every 350 words. People are interested in video. Video will help hold people on your site longer and will thus not only provide the information in the form most people want, but because people stay on your site longer your search engine rankings will be higher.

Track everything.

Put a tracking code on everything you post. That way you’ll know what is working and what isn’t.
Know your site statistics and how to use those statistics to improve your site. Using Google analytics you can determine an amazing amount of information that can tell you in real time where visitors are coming from and what they are interested in.

Split test before you make site changes.

Split tests help you know which version of a page gets the best results.

Split test only work if you have a reasonable amount of traffic. Put page up for a week or a month and count the number of visitors you get. Then put the new version up for a month and if it gets more visitors you know you have a winner. Rinse and repeat.

Create trust before trying to make a sale

90% of your visitors will never return to your site. You have one chance to get their email address so you can stay in touch with them and start to develop the know, like and trust relationship that is so vital to a sale.

Give your visitors a reason to want to give you their email. You may offer a free e-book with information appropriate to your niche. Again, test your results. If your visitors are not responding to your incentive, try something new

There you have it. The most important thing you can do is to build your email list and make friends with the people on your list.

The Internet provides us an opportunity to reach out to the world. It has shifted the marketing paradigm. It gives us the opportunity to talk to billions of people.

Don’t try to sell to all of them. Pick a niche you are interested in, focus that niche to a fine point and help people in your niche solve their problems.

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