GlobalNPN Review

I am an affiliate of this company. Understand that I get a commission when you join. I use this product because, IMO, it is best in class.
Name: GlobalNPN
Owners: Geoff Stephen
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100
GlobalNPN, Product Overview
GlobalNPN is an option-in list and autoresponder and much more. At upper levels of participation, GlobalNPN provides unlimited URL hosting, At the Gold level you get 50 Megabytes of space to store audio files for your own radio program, and host up to 999 videos.  Tools to promote the GlobalNPN affiliate program. GlobalNPN provides all the tools you need to promote your website and build a relationship with the visitors who subscribe to your opt-in list.

 The Good & the Bad

The Good:
Excellent User Experience
Great Training
Good Affiliate Program
The Bad:
Moderate Learning Curve
Takes time to setup right
Needs knowledge of Internet Marketing to set up correctly.
Who is GlobalNPN For?
GlobalNPN is a must have set of tools for anyone who wants to do Internet Marketing.
GlobalNPN Tools & Training 
They have excellent training videos. 
GlobalNPN Support 
Company Support is by submitting a ticket with reply usually within 24 hrs. I have not had to use company support yet.
GlobalNPN Price
I am participating at the Director level.

My Final Opinion of GlobalNPN

The tools provided by GlobalNPN are essential to anyone who is serious about promoting their website and building their business or organization.
VERDICT: LEGIT providing essential Internet Marketing Tools




  • Easy to use
  • Excellent support
  • Great affiliate program


  • Needs knowledge of Internet Marketing to set up correctly.
  • Requires Study
  • Setup takes time