As a customer

Name: SendOutCards
Price: $2.75/card with volume discounts for sending more cards
Overall Rank on a scale of 1 to 10 = 10+
I love using the SendOutCards app to create my own cards with my own custom pictures and message. People love getting their pictures and they keep my cards.                          

As a Customer

Everyone needs to do more to stay in touch with the important people in their lives.  In our mobile world, friends tend to drift into and out of our lives.  Unless we put effort into staying in touch with our friends and our customers they fade away.

There is no better way to let your friends know you are thinking of them than to send them a note. Recognize the important events in their lives.  Send them a birthday card, a Christmas Card or just send them an unexpected card saying how much they mean to you.

SendOutCards makes it easy to stay in touch.  SOC will remind you when your friends have a birthday or anniversary. Their contact manager even fills out the address of the card you are sending.  Make no mistake. This is a physical, printed on paper greeting card.  You create your message, insert appropriate pictures and the company prints your card, stuffs it in an envelope, puts a first-class stamp on the envelope, and mails it for you. You can even send your cards to your entire Christmas list with the click of your mouse.

You can send your custom card for $2.75/card including postage. Send Out Cards offers substantial discounts to volume users.

Click here and send a free card to your loved ones.  You have to experience how easy it is to send your message to a friend. Do it NOW.

As a Reseller/Distributor

Name: SendOutCards
Price: $59.95 annual fee to be a Referal Associate
Overall Rank: X out of 10 = 10

The Business Opportunity

SendOutCards is one of the most ethical home business companies you can be affiliated with. Staying in touch with friends and family will provide huge benefits in your life and in your business.  SendOutCards has one of the best compensation plans in the MLM industry.

6 Reasons why Sendoutcards’ compensation plan is absolutely superior…

1) Mobile Product – Everyone has a traveling device that Sendoutcards can be used on – SmartPhone or Laptop

2) Highest overall retention rate after one year in the industry

3) Pays 6 ways

4) Pays highest FastStart commissions and bonuses in the industry

5) Pays the highest residual income in the industry

6) Completely regulator compliant –

Sendoutcards product can be used by anyone who has a Smart Phone and/or a laptop anywhere in the world. Click here to view two short videos and send a card.