Sidebars-Best Practice

Get the most from your webpage sidebars

An effective sidebar
An effective sidebar

Sidebars are a blank canvas with infinite possibilities, so it is very easy to mess up website sidebar design. Sidebars are not a place to stuff all the random information you don’t know where else to put.

Common mistakes:

  1. Adding to many widgets.
  2. Cluttered sidebar.
  3. Leaving default widgets in place
  4. Failure to prioritize important widgets
  5. Not having an Email Subscription Option
  6. Filling your sidebar with Google Ads or Affiliate links
  7. Adding external links that take visitors away from your website
  8. Including a mile-long blogroll

Maximizing you sidebar

Consider your goals. 

Limit your widgets to 5 and your sidebar will have more focus.
Prioritize you widgets and put the most important at the top.
Your Profile make your brand human. 
Your opt-in form.  Your contact list is your most important asset.
Social Media Links. Social media is essential to attracting visitors to your site.  
Recommended Posts are a list of posts you manually select and showcase in your sidebar. 

Optimize Sidebar Performance.

Your sidebar is an important part of your website, making sure it is optimized for loading is crucial. A quick way to optimize your site’s  performance, Hummingbird is a plug in that can automatically do it all for you


Your sidebars can be a great way to introduce yourself to your readers, lead them deeper into your site, and grow your email list. By following these tips, you will be sure to create a highly effective sidebar that compliments your blog and business goals. Click here to read the full article.

New Hana Like Website

Spent most of the day updating this website.  You see the results.  Visit this site to learn how to grow your business.  We will give you tips on leveraging the internet to build your business or organization.  This is an experimental WordPress website.  We can experiment with widgets, themes and customization before we implement a change on a clientʻs website.  We will also let you know what changes we make so you can try them out on your own website.  For instance, the slide show on the Photo page uses a widget called Meta Slider.  After the slide show is set up, the software gives me a line of short code I can place on any page or in any post to create a slide show exactly where I want it.  When you select a WebPress widget, make sure you select one that has been updated recently.  If it hasnʻt been updated in a year it is probably not being maintained well.