Purpose and distractions in our lives. 

Are you a slave to your gadgets?  Do you have to answer your phone even if you are driving?  Does dealing with email take hours out of your day?  Face it.  Technology can be a task master that totally dominates your day.

Our brains seem to be wired to respond to occasional rewards.  That is why email is so irresistible.  Over half of email is spam, but occasionally we hit the jackpot and we just have to dig through all the junk to get our reward.

When I need to plan a project or do anything creative, I have to turn the gadgets off, ignore my email and concentrate on what is important.  If you are stuck on the information treadmill, hop off and take a vacation from gadget domination.  Go to some quite place and meditate.  Think about your purpose in life and what you need to do to live the life of your dreams.  Leave the phones behind and take your family to the beach or the mountains.  Get outdoors and enjoy the quiet sounds of nature.

It will be a shock to the kids, but they will survive and you will all be better off because of the get away.

Saturday 4.12.14

Accomplishment today: Worked on PlanetViews.com and pretty well finished the Rescue Mission portion of the website.

We had a water main break last night and a river was flowing down the hill.  Filled the whole street an inch deep and flowing fast.  This morning the driveway was filled with mud, but no damage.