AI-The great job disrupter.

Artificial intelligence will soon be a major job disruptor.

As a pilot project, Google has just opened a store in Seattle that has no cash registers. You walk into the store, pick out what you want, and walk out. Google knows who you are and what you bought and bills you accordingly. Think what that will do to the three and a half million cashiers in this country. Google expects to have their technology deployed in all major retail chains within the next ten years.

When I read this article I had to think, if Google can read my credit card how secure is that card. Just a little internet research shows your card may not be as secure as you would like. Click here to find out more. 

Retirement – There is a better way.

Key-2015-11-27_2139Most people work 40 years to be able to retire on social security.

Some are able to save and invest and have a comfortable retirement. I was one of the lucky minority to have worked for a company that provided a good retirement plan.

Most are not so fortunate.

There is a better way.

Create your own business that will provide you a recurring income. That is an income that will keep coming in whether you can work or not.
There are many approaches to starting a business. Many people parlay a hobby into a business. There are many successful people who have started there business in a spare room or even a dedicated corner of a room.

Work from anywhere.

Personally, I want to be able to work from anywhere I have an internet connection and a phone.

I want a businesses I can develop working a few hours a week, because I want to be able spend time with my family and do other things I believe are important. Of course, the more time we can devote to business, the faster it will grow, but most people have to work their business around their family and their job.

So, I look for inexpensive ways to start a business. It must be something most people can afford and something they can build while working part time. In short, what I do must be something those who join me can do. It is called business duplication.

When people work together and benefit from each others work, anything becomes possible.

Are you shrinking your dreams?

Most people shrink their dreams to fit their income.  We’ve always been told to live within our means. Good advice, except when it stifles our dreams.

Instead, dream big and take action.

The difference between dreamers and successful people is action.  Successful people plan what they must do to accomplish their dream and then take consistent, determined action necessary to live their dream.

Write down your dream. Then, plan the steps you must take to accomplish that dream. Now, take action.  Click here to take the next step.

The Purpose Economy

What are the significance of words like purpose, mission, vision, adaptability, capability and resilience in your life?

Think about it a minute.  Without purpose you are adrift on the River of Life.  A written mission statement helps us define our purpose, and we must make sure we stay on course.  Life has many ways of steering us into the eddies.  We need to know when to paddle to bring our life back to achieving our purpose.

The only thing we can depend on is change.  The River will not always be smooth.  We will deal with rapids in our life.  You can face the rapids with fear or you can see those rough waters as a challenge and an opportunity for adventure.  Know what you want to accomplish in the next year, 2 years and longer.  A big wave surfer can play with a wave that could kill a beginner.  The more capability we have the more adaptable we will be, and adaptability is key to creating resilience in our lives. Continue reading The Purpose Economy

Why do people join your team?

Malama Pono, Team building
Malama Pono, Team building

People join your network marketing team because the want Leadership, mentoring, recognition, product and an opportunity to make unlimited income. In internet marketing your objective is to create a relationship and build you opt-in list.  You have to create a team that knows, likes and trusts you. Then you show them how to get what they want.

Why do people want a work home internet business? Reasons vary with the individual, but i think most people want to be independent. Anyone starting own small business wants to pursue their dreams – not those of an employer. They also see the opportunity to make extra income online and improve their financial resilience.  Read more

How Bitcoin could disrupt money transfers to Africa

There is a new paradigm afoot and it is called the collaborative commons.  Capitalism is under pressure as automation and technology force the cost of goods toward zero marginal cost.  The internet is making a global commons possible.  People are finding ways to work outside the capitalist system.  The are diversifying  and collaborating to find ways to achieve common goals.

Bitcoins is just one example.  This informal banking system is revolutionizing how money is handled and it has the potential to wipe out money transfer firms like Western Union.  People are coming together in cooperatives, NGOs and MLMs to cut out the middle man and focus on solving our human problems.  Capitalism is about how much we have.  The collaborative commons, facilitated by the internet, is about how much we can share and how we can create a quality, sustainable life for everyone.