The key to success

Becoming an Expert

From the real expertsKyle, one of my mentors at Wealthy Affiliates, talks about finding your niche and becoming an authority figure. That is nothing more than knowing what you like and have expertise in. Then, find people who share your interest and help them solve their problems.

Don’t get hung up on selecting a niche. Write down what you like and are good at. Then pick the one most interesting to you. Now you know what you want to become an expert in. Don’t worry about the competition. There are three billion people looking for information and all you have to do is attract a few thousand of them.

Do Your Research

Before you start building your website search the web for others doing what you want to do. You will get a better idea of what your audience needs and you will get ideas for your own website. Join relevant social media groups. Join trade associations in your group and join local networking groups like BNi. Don’t limit yourself by only using the internet,

Assess your strengths and weakness and do whatever you have to do to fill in the gaps in your expertise. For instance, I am an advocate for resilient living but I didn’t know anything about Internet Marketing. I joined WA to fill in the gap.

Share your successes

Share with your audience projects you have completed successfully. What challenges did you have to overcome, what did you do to overcome those challenges? Use case studies and get testimonials from your clients. Show people how you work. I like to teach people how to do what I do. I will do what they don’t have time for, but I want them to know what I am doing and how they can do what I do. Be sure to let people know why you do what you do and why the “WHY” is import to both them and to you.

Document everything you do.

A business procedures and policies manual will make your business much more valuable because anyone should be able to pick up your manual and duplicate your business.

Identify the patterns

Identify the patterns suggested by your business. Businesses need a website. That website needs search engine optimized content. The business that lacks an opt-in list is missing a major market segment. Businesses need ways to stay in touch with their clients. Reviewing what your business has done and what your clients ask for will show you what to highlight in your client outreach and even what products you can develop that will most help your customers.

Tell stories.

Use case stories to explain how you have helped other clients and how you can help potential clients.

In conclusion

You know you and your clients need websites. The first lesson in WA will teach them how to do that.

Your clients need to draw traffic to their websites. That is the first step to becoming an authority. Learning how to write content that attracts both visitors to your site and pleases the search engines is the way to get traffic. The best way to draw traffic to your site is to write search engine optimized, helpful content.

You know your client needs to build a relationship with the visitors who come to their website. The only way to do that is to capture their contact information in their opt-in list and then provide them with helpful information that will establish you as an expert.

A couple of comments on working offline.

Writing articles for local publications is a tried and true method of establishing your expertise. Writing a best-selling book can make you an overnight expert. Use your book as your business card. Talk to local groups, join Toastmaster, and any other place where you can talk to groups of people. The old-fashioned network will help you establish your expertise. Be able to tell people what you do in less than 30 seconds. “I help people create new careers using the internet.” That takes 5 seconds to say and the natural response from my friend is, “How do you do that?”

Know what you are good at and let everyone in the world know how you can help them. Only the internet can help you do that.

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William Sager

To stay relevant in the 21st Century workforce we must manage our careers like we would manage a business. I can help you define your purpose, identify your goals and soar on the winds of change from where you are to where you want to be. Know what you want to accomplish. Know what skills you must develop to do what you want to do. I will help you use the internet to develop the life of your dreams.

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