Reach Out to the World

Mt. Shukstan, WA in the North Cascades
Mt. Shukstan, WA in the North Cascades

We can sit and watch the world pass by, or we can reach out and try to make a difference.

I remember as a young man listening to my fatherʻs sermons and trying to figure out why God put me on this earth. I came to the simple conclusion that I am here to care for my little corner of the earth.  It is why I became a forester, and why I spent my career doing my best to care for the land.  Now I am using the internet to reach out to people worldwide with the message of malama aina, caring for the land.

My tools are writing, photography, videography and the internet.  The internet makes it possible to spread the conservation message worldwide and to communicate with like minded people in other parts of the world. We must understand local problems and bring local and global attention to solving problems that affect us all.

People struggling for survival cannot think about conservation.  They have to worry about feeding their family.  War is perhaps the most destructive force on earth. Till we learn to live in peace, our future on earth is at risk.  Peace will happen when we learn to live with Aloha.

The mission of Hana Like is to reach out to people to help them improve their lives and the lives of their children.  

We must strike a balance between the needs of people and the capacity of the earth to provide for us.

Please join Hana Like in our mission to be pono.  Our children’s future depends on our ability to live in balance and with respect for each other. How well we accomplish our mission depends on how well we communicate. No matter your mission, your success depends on how well you can attract people to your team and your team depends on your ability to communicate.

Here you will find tips on team building and how to use the tools of the internet to make friends.

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