Why Us?

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Bill at Rock Creek Park, Olympic National Park, WA
Bill at Rock Creek Park, Olympic National Park, WA


Hana Like translates from Hawaiian as “Working Together”. Hana Like is pronounced Hana with the “a” pronounced as if you where laughing “Ha, Ha.”  Like is “Lee Kay” So much for your lesson in the Hawaiian Language. I agree with Margaret Mead that a small group of determined people can accomplish miracles.  Hence the business name, “Hana Like.”

I have never been good at taking orders from a boss.  Give me goals I agree with and let me get it done.  If I donʻt agree with the boss’s goals, I better get a new boss.  A job is for survival, a business of your own can free your time and give you financial freedom.  Many people have good jobs they love, but even then, depending on one income does not provide financial resilience.

Iʻm a conservationist first and an entrepreneur second.  My dream is to produce environmental documentaries that will help people understand themselves, the people around them and the serious problems facing our earth.  I want to help people become more resilient. Personal and family resilience requires us to plan for any emergency.  We need to have the food, water, medicines and camping gear to survive for a month after a major storm.  We need the financial resources to handle a major emergency like loosing a job or having a medical crises.

Hana Like helps you bring people together to help you survive and prosper.  Find people who will work with you to create the income you all need to live your dreams. You are not their boss.  You are their leader. Help others do what you do.  You will help them live their dreams and in so doing be able to live yours.

The businesses we work with must:

  1. enable us create passive income that pays us into the future for work we do today.
  2. enable us to benefit financially from building a team of independent contractors.
  3. be able to work from anywhere we have a phone and an internet connection
  4. have low startup capitol requirements.
  5. have no inventory requirements and a low monthly overhead.
  6. allow us to work multi-nationally.
  7. provide mentors, free of cost, who will help us learn how to build our business.
  8. provide personal and business development training.
  9. provide company support infrastructure that provides everything we need to run our business.
  10. provide an opportunity to create unlimited income.
  11. be a legitimate business with high quality, competitively priced products and a fair compensation plan.
  12. enable a start up to quickly make a profit and recover start up costs within three months.
  13. be possible to build the business working as little as 10 hours per week.
  14. leverage my time and money by allowing me to benefit from the work of others without my having to hire employees

And of course, do not overlook the tax benefits of having a business where you can write off travel and other expenses including your home office.  Check with your tax expert.

I almost forgot.  The business model that meets all these criteria is call Multi-Level Marketing or MLM.  Find one that is established and has products you use and believe in.  Personally, I avoid potions, lotions, and soaps.  There is just to much competition.

Find products you can sell using the internet.  Let the company you are working with deliver the product. I avoid physical products because I want to be able to make my deliveries through the internet.  However, you can sell products through a company like Amazon that will drop ship products to your clients.

Be careful, there are an awful lot of scammers out their.  Even very popular MLMs can turn out to be scams. Beware of businesses that recommend “stocking the store” It is called front-end loading and is illegal and unethical.  Watch out for companies that promote large upfront “investments to make money fast” or companies where the compensation plan is based on the sale of expensive backend up-sells.

If in doubt, ask. We will do our best to evaluate the opportunity you are considering.  Unfortunately, scammers are experts at disguising their scam as the best opportunity on the planet.  Sometimes you cannot tell until you start developing your business.  If a company emphasizes recruitment over using the product you can be pretty sure it is a scam.  If your company recommends buying expensive marketing materials, run.  A common scam is to sell you a website that will make you a fortune, and when it doesn’t produce the problem is you have to advertise and they can put you in a coop for only $5000.  When they get your money, you will never hear from them again.  For more information on business opportunities and what to watch out for click here.

Be sure whatever you recommend has quality and that anyone who joins you in business can succeed if they work their business consistently.



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