The Purpose Economy

What are the significance of words like purpose, mission, vision, adaptability, capability and resilience in your life?

Think about it a minute.  Without purpose you are adrift on the River of Life.  A written mission statement helps us define our purpose, and we must make sure we stay on course.  Life has many ways of steering us into the eddies.  We need to know when to paddle to bring our life back to achieving our purpose.

The only thing we can depend on is change.  The River will not always be smooth.  We will deal with rapids in our life.  You can face the rapids with fear or you can see those rough waters as a challenge and an opportunity for adventure.  Know what you want to accomplish in the next year, 2 years and longer.  A big wave surfer can play with a wave that could kill a beginner.  The more capability we have the more adaptable we will be, and adaptability is key to creating resilience in our lives.

We must know our strengths and our weaknesses.  Concentrate on our strengths and find help to strengthen our weaknesses.  What we enjoy and what we are good at are often the same thing,  If you do not enjoy your job, look for another one.  If you cannot find a job that is in synch with your purpose, consider starting a business that will enable you to fulfill your dreams.

Starting a business is not as hard as most people think.  But first, you have to break the mindset of a boss telling employees what to do.  That is the mindset of the 19th Century Industrial Revolution,  That was the era of the assembly line and the wage slave.  That was replaced with the information age.  Now we are poise on the brink of the Era of Purpose.

We are entering a purpose driven economy – The era in which businesses will be focused on motivating their employes to work toward a shared purpose.  Employees will be give more responsibility for creative action.  The old hierarchical business model is flattening.  There will be fewer bosses and more motivated, creative members of a team working for a common purpose.

Network marketing is a good example of that trend.  In network marketing, I affiliate with a company whose products I like and am paid based on the production of the sales team I create.  The purpose of my sales team is to create immediate income and develop a retirement income withing a few years (less than 5).  Our purpose is not only to make our lives more resilient, it is to help those who join us improve their lives.  I am not a boss.  I am a mentor to the people who join me, and I teach them to mentor the people who join them.  Together we build an organization that can provide an unlimited income to those who work their business consistently.

Some will have to keep working a job in order to pay the bills and may only be able to devote a few hours a week to their business.  Others will be able to work their business full time.  It doesnʻt matter except that the more you do to build your business the faster things will happen.  Momentum builds excitement and excitement spurs growth.

So it is up to you.  Some forcast that the majority of existing jobs will be replaced by robots in the next 40 years.  They forcast jobs will be fewer and more creative.  Crafts people and artists may be the future for jobs in the purpose economy, but one thing is sure.  Many current jobs will be gone, replaced by robots.  We cannot imagine the jobs of the future, but we can be quite sure employees will have to be creative and adaptable.  We will see an expansion of the affiliate business model where people get paid based on their production rather than the hours they work.

This website is about helping you navigate the economic changes that are cascading upon us.   Join us and be part of a winning team in the future purpose based economy.  Working together we can avoid mistakes and move forward with purpose.  We will change peoples.

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